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The classical guitar is lucky to have a champion like Levin. His enthusiasm for the music and culture he has chosen is unbridled, and Monday night's performance shows that he has the talent to match" 

Robert LeeperFeast of Music (New York Recital Debut, Le Poisson Rouge)

In Levin’s hands, Carlos Cruz de Castro’s “Secuencia Sefardita” for solo guitar unfolded in a visceral, imaginative performance. He plucked, strummed and slapped the strings from neck to soundboard in a dizzying exploration of sound" 

Grace JeanThe Washington Post (Kennedy Center Debut)

There is no doubt that we have, before us, one of the most exceptional guitarists and chamber musicians of our time. Adam Levin is an ambassador of the guitar and for the music world in both in the United States and in Europe" 

Eduardo Moralse-CasoSpanish Composer

Levin is an exciting and powerful player who takes chances." 

Al KunzeSoundboard​ 

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