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1st PRIZE---Luys Milán International Chamber Music Competition, Valencia, Spain

Adam Levin and William Knuth unite two ambassadorial instruments---guitar and violin--- in their debut recording.  Together, they explore the diversity of Ibero-American music (Spain, Argentina, Cuba) and begin the process of expanding the repertoire for this chamber music combination through arrangements and new commissions.  It contains a riveting arrangement of Histoire du Tango by the tango master Astor Piazzolla, Volavérunt by Eduardo Morales Caso, Tre Divertimenti by Salvador Brotons and Siete Cancione Populares Españalas by Manuel de Falla.

Duo Sonidos

SKU: 005
    • Histoire du Tango: I. Bordel 1900 (A. Piazzolla)
    • II. Café 1930 (A. Piazzolla)
    • III. Nightclub 1960 (A. Piazzolla)
    • IV. Concert d’aujourd’hui (A. Piazzolla)
    • Tre Divertimenti - I. Molto Allegro (S. Brotons)
    • II. Adagio Lamentoso (S. Brotons)
    • III. Con Fuoco (S. Brotons)
    • Volavérunt: Homenaje a Francisco Goya (E. Morales-Caso)
    • Suite Popular Española - I. El Paño Moruno (M. de Falla)
    • II. Seguidilla Murciana (M. de Falla)
    • III. Suite Popular Española: Asturiana ( Falla)
    • IV. Jota (M. de Falla)
    • V. Nana (M. de Falla)
    • VI. Canción (M. de Falla)
    • VII. Polo (M. de Falla)
  • $4.00 Domestic

    $12.00 International

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