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This latest release is the result of an intense, creative, decade-long journey on the part of composer Morales-Caso. The necessity to feel a different sound which is personal, sensitive and communicative, is inextricably linked to the rich inheritance of his predecessors. On this journey, Morales-Caso dedicates special attention to one of his most loved instruments: the guitar. He has placed his faith in the generosity and humanity of those with whom he shares this wonderful path and forges the indestructible bond between composer-performer. The trusted guitarist: Adam Levin, along with other fine collaborating artists, in this singular recording is the reflection of the creative and personal manifestation that is Eduardo Morales-Caso.


"There is no doubt that we have, before us, one of  the most exceptional guitarists and chamber musicians of our time."
--- Eduardo Morales-Caso, Spanish Composer

Fuego de la Luna

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