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This debut album introduces Adam Levin's versatility, not only as a soloist but as a chamber musician. It represents a variety of musical and cultural aesthetics and explores core repertoire from the past two centuries, while adapting new works from violin to the guitar. Works by Ysaye, Bach, Walton, Freidlin, Tedesco and Turina.


"absolutely thrilling...will dazzle and entertain at every possible opportunity"
--- Minor 7th Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews

In the Beginning

SKU: 006
    • Prelude, “Obsession” (E. Ysaÿe)
    • Prelude in E Major (J. S. Bach)
    • Five Bagatelles: I.Allegro Assai (W. Walton)
    • II. Lento (W. Walton)
    • III. Alla Cubana (W. Walton)
    • IV. Sempre Expressivo (W. Walton)
    • V. Con Slancio (W. Walton)
    • Kafka Sonata Part I. Prologue: Larghetto rubato (J. Freidlin)
    • Part II. Allegro (J. Freidlin)
    • Part III. Vivo (J. Freidlin)
    • Part IV. Andantino rubato (J. Freidlin)
    • Part V. Epilogue: Sostenuto con moto (J. Freidlin)
    • Platero y Yo: XXIII. Golindrinas (M. C. Tedesco)
    • XXVI. Los Gitanos (M. C. Tedesco)
    • XXVIII. Platero En El Cielo De Moguer (M. C. Tedesco)
    • Fandanguillo (J. Turina)
    • Sevillana-Fantasía (J. Turina)
  • $4.00 Domestic

    $12.00 International

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