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Adam Levin not only performs as soloist but in three different chamber music combinations: guitar duo, muted trumpet and guitar, and string quartet and guitar. Spain immediately triggers a familiarity with the nationalist epoch in its music history (flamenco, rasqueado, cante jondo) and this CD endeavors to bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary musical languages. Works by Eduardo Morales-Caso, José María Sánchez Verdú, David del Puerto, Mario Gosalvez-Blanco and Leonardo Balada.

Music from Out of Time

SKU: 004
    • La Fragua de Vulcano (E. Morales-Caso)
    • Kitab (J. M. Sánchez-Verdú)
    • Viento de Primavera - I. Entre la Brisa (D. del Puerto)
    • II. Luz de tarde (D. del Puerto)
    • III. Danza (D. del Puerto)
    • I. Initialization (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • II. Time / No Time (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • III. Aim to Serve (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • IV. Self-Existence (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • V. Radiance (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • Sparks - I. Prelude (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • II. Interlude 1 (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • III. Interlude 2 (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • IV. Postlude (M. Gosálvez-Blanco)
    • Caprichos no.1 - Los Cuatro Muleros (L. Balada)
    • II. La Tarara (L. Balada)
    • III. Los Peregrinitos (L. Balada)
    • Caprichos No.1: Sevillana (L. Balada)
    • V. Lejano (L. Balada)
    • VI. Nana (L. Balada)
    • VII. Zapateado (L. Balada)
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